Live A Life You Will Remember

Short sharing. I just watched the music video of The Nights by Avicii and here’s what I realize:

1. Parents play a big role in child’s character and future. If you let them live in a culture of fear, they’ll grow up scared and weak spirited. But if you let them live in a culture of unending possibilities and beauty, they’ll grow up confident and eager to learn. If you let them live in a culture where money measures success, they’ll prioritize earning but not pursuing their passion. Earning but not living at all.

2. When you die, how do you want to be remembered?

3. What fuels you to live? Let that drive you.

You can watch the video here at

Be inspired!

When You Love

They say, love hurts. Others say, if it’s true love, it won’t hurt. I say love will hurt but if it’s true, pain will eventually fade away.

Love hurts because people who love, sacrifice. Love without sacrifice isn’t true love. And in this, I firmly believe. Sacrifice cause of love comes in different ways–for your partner, your family, friends, and all other humanity.

We all have choices in life and the choices we choose aren’t always what we want or what we think will make us happy. Nonetheless, we let go of what we want for the people we love, we love truly. We sometimes see opportunities, chances, and people go away because we sacrifice them. It will hurt of course. Loving with sacrificing will never be easy. But it will be fulfilling; maybe not now but in time.

They say life is how we make it. It’s true. We all have the freedom to choose and do what we want. That’s why I salute you people, who sacrifice your life choices for the people you love.

Life’s Realities

I realized that not until you accept your life’s realities, you won’t be happy. It is the ultimate key to happiness.

What do I mean life’s reality? It’s the imperfection of your family, the cruel system of society, your physical attibutes desired to change, the status of your life, limitations and rules you are bound, the culture and norm which limit and judge you, talents and skill you never have no matter how hard you try, the wounds of yesterday that still haunt you.

They might forever be there; trying to drag your happiness down. Long as you keep forcing things to change, you will never be happy. Some things are unchangeable. And these are your realities.

When in Relationship

When you love, love truly. But always make sure it’s just enough–enough for your partner to feel he/she is truly loved and just enough for you that when everything ends up, you won’t shatter into pieces.

Being in a relationship doesn’t only require the capability to commit but also the capability to get out of it. Commitment and true love build a genuine relationship but reality is, in life nothing is certain. Even the seemingly perfect relationship can end up, and one should realize that even the relationship starts.
Be committed. Be faithful in the relationship you have. Keep it burning. But always keep in mind that everything may end. In the long run, the relationship will only either end or be on the next level. Always hope for bringing it up to the next level but prepare yourself that it may end up in the end.

We may not be sure if our relationships will last forever. But if we genuinely love our partner, we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Apology Challenger

One of the general rules in living a happy and peaceful life is having a heart free of grudges. Being a human being, I am 101 percent sure that each of us has been wronged and hurt by either someone we barely know or someone we once cherished/still cherishes. Harder part on forgiving is on someone whom we cherished. Imagine, you trusted, emotionally invested feelings, sacrificed for that someone then he would hurt you.

Apologies are easier to give to people who deserve them most—people who is sincerely sorry. More than being sorry, that someone deserves apology more when he is willing to be a better person than he was when he hurt somebody. Based on personal experiences, I could say I easily forgive someone with or without him asking for an apology. I cannot stand having a hard feeling on someone. Yes I do get mad but I still forgive.
My forgiving ability has just been challenged today or rather, it was just today I realized that I was challenged. There’s this one person whom I still have hard feelings for. Lots of people had wronged me in me several ways and considerably they even did grave acts than the person who challenges my forgiving ability. But I am at peace with them now. Not with this one person.

Earlier this day, he texted me asking if I am mad. This was the first message I read upon waking up. Emotions suddenly rushed—I am not mad, I am furious. I wanted to reply that I wasn’t, thinking that this would be my escape from him bothering me or me explaining to him. What I did instead is put my mobile phone on my bed. Breathed. Prayed. Continued the day setting aside what I was supposed to reply. I prayed to just feel I am not filled without any antipathy on the person who texted me. But, true feelings prevailed. I still can’t. Turned out, I replied. I said I wasn’t mad (heaven knows I lied). Then short conversation happened like everything was just fine.

My day-to-day life went on but I have to admit I’m bothered all day. Who am I kidding? No one else but myself. I haven’t forgive him until this moment I am composing this blog; it has been a year already with this baggage.
Yes many others wronged me more than he did but I let all the hatreds go for two reasons: I felt they were at some point genuine and honest; I felt they truly realized their fault and became better after what they did.

To this sole person whom I still cannot afford to lay my heart at peace with, my apologies. Time has already healed the wounds but forgiving you is a different matter. It could have been not this way if I saw you changed but you haven’t. You said sorry but more than your words I wish to see the actions and changes that come with it. I’ve known you. And it just irritates me to the bones remembering what you did, how you were, and feeling you are still that person. Maybe I could just one day shake these all off but I truly hope you could man up, be more selfless, and take self-rehabilitation. Save yourself for hurting more people and being worse.

In spite all the things I said in this sharing, I hope I am wrong. I hope you are a changed man now and it’s just me who couldn’t shake things off and see you’ve changed.

Disclaimer: Blog originally done March 18 but was uploaded March 19,2014


I miss my dad. I miss my dad so so much. We are not that open to each other but we have this connection mom and I don’t have.

He scolded me several times but never slap me, ever. He never says no to my request unless my mother says no to it. He sometimes make me cry when I do something bad but in the end, he would still comfort me and make me stop crying by handing me a face towel and tapping my back. Afterwards, he also says sorry. When he’s at home he always wakes me up with a good morning greeting, hug, and kiss and then send me to sleep with the same sweet gestures. He does that every single day. He never fails to kiss my cheek or hold my hand then tell me I am his baby. When we go to the mall or do groceries, he usually holds my hand like what a father does to his little baby to ensure his child wouldn’t be lost. He is very supportive of me in everything I do. Believes in me in everything I do even if I already failed several times. Though I don’t talk with him much about my personal life, he never made me feel unloved nor misunderstood. And though he is a far, he wants me to feel that he is always with me, with us, his family. He always thinks least of himself when it comes to comfort and joy. It has always been us before him. That’s why he is there, working, away from us.

I won’t be with him again this Christmas. He works in a ship. In his work, contract goes for 9 months to a year. Then afterwards, we could be with him for around 3 months. If blessed, 3 months or more.

Him working in away from us was my parents decision. Now it’s the family’s decision. Given the life we have now, we couldn’t afford him not going away. Why? We wouldn’t be stable. We would survive but not stable as we have this current situation–we have to maintain and pay stuff. My parents want to invest for me and my brother. They want to secure our future. They want to save because in time, when they are already old, they don’t want to be a burden to me and brother. They want to pay for their own living. Another thing why they chose working in a ship is that my parents do not want us (I and brother) to experience the hardships they had been before.

I truly, truly, appreciate and am grateful to that. But it is also true that everything has consequences. We may be have an eased life but the price it has to pay is priceless. My family being incomplete causes so much sacrifices, sadness, misunderstanding, frustration, and envy. Other people may see us fine, happy, and worry free or even want the life we have but I think they all revert when they get to experience it really. What they see is just the cover not the depth of what we’re going through as a family.

All these I have to accept and then be happy. To those people who have the same situation as mine or maybe having different family problem yet still living happy and grateful. It must have been hard for you when you realize things like I realize now. But, I also admire you for being such. Keep loving your family.

I wish us all a Merry Christmas.

And. I love you so much dad. Thank you for being you.

Life Wouldn’t Handle Itself Well for You

Most of the time, no matter how you badly want to, you can’t change how things are nor control them. The only thing you could control is the way you’ll face life situations and that’s reality. Handle yourself well. Make good decisions. Life wouldn’t handle itself well for you. 

I recently had the above statement posted on my Facebook account. Having realize such is step one for me. Certainly, the next step to do is to prove I can handle myself well. Fighting your weaknesses is one of the hardest battle one could face. Whenever I struggle fighting myself, I’m torn into hating myself or loving myself. Thoughts gush in my mind. And I admit, I sometimes couldn’t handle things well. 

Two friends of mine have given me very wise advice and I think these two people based it from their current or past life experiences. One had told me that if you can’t change whatever situation you are into, consider that situation as reality than a problem. Problem has solutions and reality seemingly hasn’t. Reality is something you have to face, conquer every single waking day. No matter how much you want to alter it, you couldn’t. 

Another friend had told me that, changing the situation you are facing wouldn’t happen in one or two glimpses, nor in days, weeks, or months. It could take you years. So in that process, be patient. Don’t drown into the struggle. Fight with a positive outlook and heart cause if you don’t no one else will lose but you. 

There are things in life I find hard to accept or face. These built up my frustrations, fears, and insecurities. But both of my friends are absolutely right. This is reality and having the change I want comes in a process. If i wouldn’t handle myself well, I’ll truly lose the game. Life always challenges people. I salute people who carry on well, those who survive with peace in mind and happy heart. 

I’m just 20. If graced, there could be more than double of my current age to face. Certainly, a lot more episodes in life to be faced. I know i’m not alone, I have loved ones with me who sometimes become part of the challenges I face, but still also inspire me. I have to help myself. It’s still all up to me in the end. 

Perfect Combination

Yesterday, I hosted a wedding for the first time. Hosting a wedding is just the same as handing me two things I really love: hosting + wedding.

Ever since 2009, I’ve been in love with weddings, particularly wedding photographs and videos. That love grew. I fell in love the entirety of weddings. Earlier, I even got teary eyed in the matrimony and in reception even if the couple are just acquaintances. I’ve been in love with love; maybe that’s why that’s the way I feel for weddings.

When it comes to hosting, I started to like it when I was in high school. I hosted school events. In college, I hosted events of my organization. And when I joined the UPLB Jocks, org for jocks and hosts, my passion for hosting just fired up.

I love hosting and wedding per se. That’s why when combined together, I just love each of them more. These are the two things I’ll surely love no matter what. I hope I could do more hosting at weddings. Beside hosting weddings, I also do wedding photography. Wedding photographs are my foundation of why I fell in love more with weddings. Actually, wedding photographs and videos. But what I practice now is wedding photography.

I am glad that I practice what I love and sometimes earn money from them. Hosting+Photography+Wedding are just perfect combination for me. I hope to have more gigs in the future. But if I’ll get an offer of either as a host or photographer in a wedding, I think I’d still be torn. Could I just do both at the same time? Lol

Here are some photos of my hosting and photography. ❤️😊📷