This Sunday :)

Homily for the day:

1. Love like how the Father loves Jesus as well as how Jesus loves the Father.

Love is a decision. It’s a decision to love through following God’s will just like how Jesus followed the will of God. True love is

the one that bear fruits and isn’t the one that causes harm to others.

2. Love like how Jesus loves us.

Jesus gave his life just to save us. Are we willing and able to give the same unconditional love to others?

3. Love like how Jesus treats us.

Jesus treats us as a friend. True friends are honest, understanding, and giving to each other. Also, true friends help each other        grow.


B2B: Back 2 Bicol

Last April 28-May 2, we had a short vacation in my mothers’ hometown: Bicol. We used to go there annually, either on November or summer months, when me and my cousins were still kiddos.  From around 10 cousins having vacation in Bicol, now we are down to three, who are me, Almira, and her little sister Alnea. When asked, my older cousins will say that they will just be bored in the said province. Why? 1. We don’t explore the place much. 2. We’re not close to the other relatives. 3. We hear problems coming from our relatives there. 4. And maybe, teens like us don’t find it fun being with our immediate and extended family (You know. Teens’s thing.)
I admit that I sometimes don’t want to go back there. Just like my other cousins, I feel the same way. Nonetheless, I still went back. Why? 1. I love my mom. I don’t want her to travel alone. I know it will be helpful if I’m with her and of course it will make her happier. 2. I love my relatives back there. We may not be that close compared to my relatives here but I want them to feel that they’re taken important and loved. 3. I love spending time with my family and friends. 4. I love Bicol.

I feel sad when I hear my other cousins say that they find it dull and boring in Bicol.  I somehow find it selfish cause they’re not considering feelings other than theirs. Why not come if your presence will make your family and relatives in the province happy? Why not come if you know you can help and inspire them? We all want to be happy. But most if the times, happiness isn’t just about pleasing yourself but it’s about making people happy by making them feel important and loved. What’s the sense of getting happiness out of your sole individualistic interest? Wouldn’t it be more meaningful if you are not only  able to share that happiness but also be the cause of others’ happiness?

I miss going to Bicol with them. I hope we still have the chance to bring back the old times. However, I am still very glad of our latest trip in the beautiful province given that only 4 us were youngsters. I had fun with the oldies though. 🙂

Not a very good picture of us though but this is the only almost complete shot 🙂