What I feel? Alone, even if being surrounded with a lot of people. Most will just think that I am just too emotional to feel this. Well yes, maybe I am an emotional person but I think it’s more than just that. I have friends, a lot of friends but it always seem that I don’t have anyone by my side in the times of.somber. I am afar from people who truly understand me and I’m also emotionally afar from people who should understand me. I can’t even share what I feel to my mother, nor my father, nor my brother. My closest friends are far from me. My boyfriend is way way far from me and this distance and time gap make everything worse. Adding to those are my acads and other responsibilities. I should not be alone in fulfilling them but still people don’t cooperate well. That makes me feel alone. 

I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know what can make me feel better. All I know is I can’t be beaten up by all these shiiz and I have to be used in surpassing these by myself. 

Paper # 3: Fact-Checked in PNoy’s 3rd SONA

We have suffused the nation with light–and it is this light, too, that has exposed the crimes that occur in the shadowed corners of society. What the Filipino works so hard for can no longer be pilfered. Crime volume continues to decline across the country. In 2009, over 500,000 crimes were recorded–this year, we have cut that number by more than half, to 246,958. Moreover, 2010’s recorded 2,200 cases of carnapping has likewise been reduced by half to 966 cases this 2011.”

The National Statistical Coordination Board’s Web site explains why 2009 is the basis for comparison: “In 2009, PNP has implemented (sic) a new crime reporting system wherein the crime data for 2009 was set as the baseline for future research, study and comparison. Hence, crime statistics in 2009 cannot be compared with those crime data obtained during the previous years (2008 and earlier) as the parameters are no longer the same.” Comparing 2010 vs 2011, various media outlets reported last January that the crime rate went down by 23%. — BW Research”

If there’s anything really relevant to me in President Noynoy third State of the Nation (SONA) last July 23, that would be his statement about crime reduction. His statement about the issue was very promising and positive–that crime rate is really decreasing ever since 2009. It might be really decreasing but in my case as a UPLB student, I would have to question that. Considering the slain cases of two UPLB students and a young Sampaguita vendor, PNoy’s statement is questionable.

It was stated in the fact check that various media outlets reported that crime rate went down by 23% in 2011 compared to 2010. Then, howcome consecutive crimes happened in Los Banos in 2011 to 2012? In October 10, 2011 and February 29, 2012, Given Grace Cebanico, a BS Computer Science student and Rochel Geronda, a 14-year old Sampaguita vendor was raped and killed. And in March 3, 2012, Ray Bernard Penaranda, a 19-year-old BS Agriculture student was killed in a holdup. In just a few month interval, three tragic crimes shocked the country especially Los Banos community. This could only mean that crime prevention and defense wasn’t implemented strictly. It’s a good thing that the percentage of crime went down, but it could be better if PNoy’s administration ensure that crime prevention and crime defense are strictly implemented in all areas of the country. In my opinion, the administration disregarded Los Banos as a crime hot-spot that’s why they became lax about LB’s security. It was too late when they strengthened  the security. It’s sad to know that three lives should be taken away just for the local government to realize the passive security system they had. Before all these crimes happened, I can attest to the fact that LB lacked security men at night. No patrols or tanods roamed around the area. Curfew wasn’t also implemented back then. Students were free to roam around and go home late anytime they wanted. This Academic Year, security patrols were roaming around and outside the campus. Curfew is also observed at 10pm and by this time as well, patrols start to monitor the area of responsibility. When seen walking alone at night or even in group (mostly a group of female students), patrol cabs drive the students back to their apartments and dormitories to ensure their safety. Though many still consider these procedures a blockage of  freedom, for me it could be a helpful way to have human discipline and better safety. Also by doing such, possible criminals will be afraid of the stern system of defense and could end up not doing their evil plans.

As the Academic Year continues, the mobile patrols, tanods, and police of UPLB and LB community are still seen doing their jobs–monitoring and protecting the area and its people. Hopefully, these procedures will be observed all the time. And maybe, when all these procedures are strictly implemented not in only in UPLB but also nationwide, it will not be impossible for us to have zero crime rate.