Bad Ass? So what?


Describe them? Spontaneous! Crazy! Bad ass! And they are my friends. 😎👍 I never thought I’d have friends like them whom I can be crazy with, show my utmost weirdness yet they can go with it, laugh about it, and accept me. Yes. I’m lucky, very lucky. I have friends at the university but man, these friends are the best-est! It’s hard to find such people. They’re not perfect; we’re not perfect. We tease, fight, bully each other, got issues but in spite of those we still click. 😉 We do the craziest thing one could ever think of well maybe some are still undone but they’re definitely on our list. And one more thing which makes us the best: we’re bad ass but still with a heart. ❤ Thanks guys! Cheers to more weirdness, road trips, bad ass moments, spontaneity, screaming out loud singing, trash talking, and (go figure out what we do moments 👊😼)! I’m loving you with all my fat ass out 😜
But really, with my whole heart. 😎😘👊🍺



Saddest part of change

One of the saddest part of change is that it can make people drift away from you. It hurts. But, sometimes it is really necessary. Haay.

To the people who used to be so close to me, thank you for the memories and learnings I got from you. I miss you. I hope you all have a good and happy life.

Family :)

Going out with this clan is not easy. Organizing these bunch of diverse people is really a task. At times, we complicate simple problems. The oldies disagree, get stressed while the youngsters cover their ears, turn to their gadgets and have their own business. Nonetheless, when we are out there no matter what stress or quarrel have just happened, the happiness and love of togetherness takes over! Really 🙂 It’s the magic of love. Love you guys! I confess you test my patience but, nah. I love you still. :*