Perfect Combination

Yesterday, I hosted a wedding for the first time. Hosting a wedding is just the same as handing me two things I really love: hosting + wedding.

Ever since 2009, I’ve been in love with weddings, particularly wedding photographs and videos. That love grew. I fell in love the entirety of weddings. Earlier, I even got teary eyed in the matrimony and in reception even if the couple are just acquaintances. I’ve been in love with love; maybe that’s why that’s the way I feel for weddings.

When it comes to hosting, I started to like it when I was in high school. I hosted school events. In college, I hosted events of my organization. And when I joined the UPLB Jocks, org for jocks and hosts, my passion for hosting just fired up.

I love hosting and wedding per se. That’s why when combined together, I just love each of them more. These are the two things I’ll surely love no matter what. I hope I could do more hosting at weddings. Beside hosting weddings, I also do wedding photography. Wedding photographs are my foundation of why I fell in love more with weddings. Actually, wedding photographs and videos. But what I practice now is wedding photography.

I am glad that I practice what I love and sometimes earn money from them. Hosting+Photography+Wedding are just perfect combination for me. I hope to have more gigs in the future. But if I’ll get an offer of either as a host or photographer in a wedding, I think I’d still be torn. Could I just do both at the same time? Lol

Here are some photos of my hosting and photography. ❤️😊📷






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