When in Relationship

When you love, love truly. But always make sure it’s just enough–enough for your partner to feel he/she is truly loved and just enough for you that when everything ends up, you won’t shatter into pieces.

Being in a relationship doesn’t only require the capability to commit but also the capability to get out of it. Commitment and true love build a genuine relationship but reality is, in life nothing is certain. Even the seemingly perfect relationship can end up, and one should realize that even the relationship starts.
Be committed. Be faithful in the relationship you have. Keep it burning. But always keep in mind that everything may end. In the long run, the relationship will only either end or be on the next level. Always hope for bringing it up to the next level but prepare yourself that it may end up in the end.

We may not be sure if our relationships will last forever. But if we genuinely love our partner, we’ll do our best to make it happen.