When You Love

They say, love hurts. Others say, if it’s true love, it won’t hurt. I say love will hurt but if it’s true, pain will eventually fade away.

Love hurts because people who love, sacrifice. Love without sacrifice isn’t true love. And in this, I firmly believe. Sacrifice cause of love comes in different ways–for your partner, your family, friends, and all other humanity.

We all have choices in life and the choices we choose aren’t always what we want or what we think will make us happy. Nonetheless, we let go of what we want for the people we love, we love truly. We sometimes see opportunities, chances, and people go away because we sacrifice them. It will hurt of course. Loving with sacrificing will never be easy. But it will be fulfilling; maybe not now but in time.

They say life is how we make it. It’s true. We all have the freedom to choose and do what we want. That’s why I salute you people, who sacrifice your life choices for the people you love.

Life’s Realities

I realized that not until you accept your life’s realities, you won’t be happy. It is the ultimate key to happiness.

What do I mean life’s reality? It’s the imperfection of your family, the cruel system of society, your physical attibutes desired to change, the status of your life, limitations and rules you are bound, the culture and norm which limit and judge you, talents and skill you never have no matter how hard you try, the wounds of yesterday that still haunt you.

They might forever be there; trying to drag your happiness down. Long as you keep forcing things to change, you will never be happy. Some things are unchangeable. And these are your realities.

When in Relationship

When you love, love truly. But always make sure it’s just enough–enough for your partner to feel he/she is truly loved and just enough for you that when everything ends up, you won’t shatter into pieces.

Being in a relationship doesn’t only require the capability to commit but also the capability to get out of it. Commitment and true love build a genuine relationship but reality is, in life nothing is certain. Even the seemingly perfect relationship can end up, and one should realize that even the relationship starts.
Be committed. Be faithful in the relationship you have. Keep it burning. But always keep in mind that everything may end. In the long run, the relationship will only either end or be on the next level. Always hope for bringing it up to the next level but prepare yourself that it may end up in the end.

We may not be sure if our relationships will last forever. But if we genuinely love our partner, we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Life Wouldn’t Handle Itself Well for You

Most of the time, no matter how you badly want to, you can’t change how things are nor control them. The only thing you could control is the way you’ll face life situations and that’s reality. Handle yourself well. Make good decisions. Life wouldn’t handle itself well for you. 

I recently had the above statement posted on my Facebook account. Having realize such is step one for me. Certainly, the next step to do is to prove I can handle myself well. Fighting your weaknesses is one of the hardest battle one could face. Whenever I struggle fighting myself, I’m torn into hating myself or loving myself. Thoughts gush in my mind. And I admit, I sometimes couldn’t handle things well. 

Two friends of mine have given me very wise advice and I think these two people based it from their current or past life experiences. One had told me that if you can’t change whatever situation you are into, consider that situation as reality than a problem. Problem has solutions and reality seemingly hasn’t. Reality is something you have to face, conquer every single waking day. No matter how much you want to alter it, you couldn’t. 

Another friend had told me that, changing the situation you are facing wouldn’t happen in one or two glimpses, nor in days, weeks, or months. It could take you years. So in that process, be patient. Don’t drown into the struggle. Fight with a positive outlook and heart cause if you don’t no one else will lose but you. 

There are things in life I find hard to accept or face. These built up my frustrations, fears, and insecurities. But both of my friends are absolutely right. This is reality and having the change I want comes in a process. If i wouldn’t handle myself well, I’ll truly lose the game. Life always challenges people. I salute people who carry on well, those who survive with peace in mind and happy heart. 

I’m just 20. If graced, there could be more than double of my current age to face. Certainly, a lot more episodes in life to be faced. I know i’m not alone, I have loved ones with me who sometimes become part of the challenges I face, but still also inspire me. I have to help myself. It’s still all up to me in the end. 

Just Hush

There are things in my life that I don’t understand but have to accept. I have a lot of questions in my mind–why did that happen? Why did he/she leave? Why can’t that happen to me? Etc.

At times, I forget them. Thank goodness I’m busy and thank goodness I at least feel I’ve grown up on matters like this. But still, at times, when those questions haunt me and yield no answer, it hurts, literally and figuratively. I feel my heart skipping a beat or thumping or having a hard time to breathe. I couldn’t complain. I am blessed. I am blessed. I know I have more than what I really need for. Isn’t it?

It’s easy to throw words like, ‘things happen for a reason’ and ‘everything will be ok’. I do believe in those. But, I also do feel doubtful on them at times. I don’t want to be stuck on my why’s. It’ll refrain me from appreciating what I have and being happy. And I don’t want to be stuck worrying and fearing if things would really be better and if things I dream could really happen.

This is now. I have to work on my now. I have to accept, appreciate, and see the beauty of my now. Everything about my now. Besides, it’s all I have. The past is gone. The future is uncertain. And it’ll be my lost of I would be eaten by my past and future. I to trust that everything has a perfect time. No need to rush. No need to envy. Just hush. Be patient. Have faith. Keep moving forward.

Just hush.